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New Active Directory UC Plugin For ConnectWise Automate

New Active Directory UC Plugin For ConnectWise Automate

The team here at Plugins4Automate have put together a new Active Directory UC plugin for ConnectWise Automate. Having your client's Active Directory at your finger tips is critical to saving time and energy and with Active Directory UCAccess Is Granted.

In an era of disparate IT resources and cross-platform system environments, both on-prem and in the cloud, time is spent trying to access directory services. We make that process just a click away from your engineers most common view, the Automate Control Center.

Do Things like:

  • Add New Users
  • Edit Any Current User
  • Unlock Users
  • Disable User Accounts
  • Enable User Account
  • Reset User Passwords
  • Add Users to Groups
  • Remove Users from Groups
  • Create New Groups
  • Remove Groups
  • Edit Groups
  • Add Groups to Groups
  • Remove Groups from Groups

Get a free month on us just to try it for yourself. Use Promo Code in the image to get first month free.

Visit Active Directory UC today.

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