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Try our new Office365 for ConnectWise Automate for free!

Try our new Office365 for ConnectWise Automate for free!

Here's a chance to try out the new Office365 for Automate plugin from Plugins4Automate for an entire month from the date you sign up. Try out all the tools and review the data collected to see how useful this tool can be.

At first glance the plugins look the similar to our Office365 for Labtech plugin but under the hood there is a lot of new and improved stuff to allow the plugin to work in todays Office365 environments and with ConnectWise Automate.

Our biggest improvement is our updates to how data collection happens and the PowerShell wrappers we created to execute the data collection and command processing between Microsoft Online services and the Office365 For Automate plugin. Updated module management has been automated so that deploying and installing module packs to get functionality is no longer required. You will always be on the latest MSOnline modules when ever your executing control in the Office365 for Automate plugin. We have also mitigated the issues with PowerShell in 32bit / 64 bit environment eliminating the issues with module libraries.

Our team has update the way the data collected from the MSOL event is handled. Now that Microsoft has moved away from allowing basic authentications against their APIs, the events in the old plugin started failing. The New MSOL Events collector in the Office365 for Automate plugin can collect MSOL Event data for multiple Tenant IDs using a single Client ID and Secret setup in the Office365 Azure services.

There is so much more in the Office365 online environment that the new Office 365  for Automate plugin is working on bringing into the ConnectWise Automate environment. So stay tuned as these new management services become available to you in the all new Office365 for Automate plugin!

Try Office365 for Automate on us for a month, just use the promo code FREE365ME during checkout to give it a try free for a month, no obligations!




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