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Habitat For Automate - Major Build Release Makes Debut!

Habitat For Automate - Major Build Release Makes Debut!

The newest Habitat build ( has been retooled to be more slimline and consistent in it's controls across the different tools. We put in some much needed work into the updates to some of the great tools we have come to rely on in our day to day work.

Here is just a few of the tool we worked on:

  • HostFile Manager
  • PowerShell Client
  • MS Safety Scanner Tool
  • Printer Status
  • Stalled Agent Detector Tool
  • Application Manager (a.k.a 3rd party App Manager) 

We updated the look and feel across Habitat to tighten things up a bit and make each tools controls more consistent with each other. We also did allot more to the 3rd party App Manager then changing it's name to the new Application Manager. Our Stalled Agent Detector tool has been updated to work with the latest RMM+ Connect plugin 1.0.19 along with several bug fixes to make it work more consistently.

What does Stalled Agent Detector do for you? Sometimes you have a number of machines where the Automate agent gets stuck in an "executing" state or just stops checking in. When this happens the only thing the machine will do is check in to the Automate server. Solution is a reboot or restart of the LT service. The Stalled Agent Detection tool inside Habitat helps identify offline/online agents and allows you to repair these agents when this happens.

The new Habitat Application Manager is a deployment and update manager for third party applications running on Windows agents inside ConnectWise Automate. This allows the MSP the ability to install application if needed but better yet Habitat auto detects what applications maybe installed on the end agent and matches up packages in it's approved applications list with installed software to update and manage the application moving forward. 

What's new with the Application Manager is its ability to deploy and manage local repo cache and redistribute that cache source out to each agent preventing local network bottlenecks and exceeding community resource limits.

Come see the what's new in Habitat

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