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New Stalled Agents Detector Build Released Today - 1.0.16

Automate agents fail to check in with RMM

New Stalled Agents Detector Build Released Today - 1.0.16

Plugins4automate has released build 1.0.16 of the popular Stalled Agents Detector with support for the latest RMM+ ConnectWise Connect plugin Build RMM+ 1.0.19.

Sometimes you have a number of machines where the Automate agent gets stuck in an "executing" state. When this happens the only thing the machine will do is check in to the Automate server. Solution is a reboot or restart of the LT service. Stalled Agents plugin helps identify and allows you to repair these agents when this happens.

We made a few updates to include butter support for the RMM+ plugin and error control.

When working with the RMM+ tool you will need to configure the two plugins to work together. Here is how to do this.

The free to use RMM+ tool can be installed as an plugin to ConnectWise Connect and then assigned 2 configuration variables.

The Access Key and Allowed Origin. These provide access to the Connect plugin from outside Connect (Automate).


In the Stalled Agents plugin in Automate you will find this control as part of the menu list of listed agents. It allows you to save the above Access Key and Allowed Origins settings so both plugins can communicate.


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