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New features in LUM for Automate

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New features in LUM for Automate

Plugins4Automate release build for their Linux Update Manager (LUM) for ConnectWise Automate. In this build they have resolved a few minor bugs and added a new feature allowing you to manually reboot Linux agents directly from the main view of the plugin.


You now only need to click the Reboot Icon to receive a pop up prompting to reboot the agent. 


Linux Update Manager is a plugin for ConnectWise Automate / Labtech that allow the MSP the ability to manage the updates applied to Linux systems that use either Apt-Get or YUM as a software package manager. LUM can automates the update of Linux agents or allows you to deploy packages from a list of available updates. LUM will probe the linux agent for pending reboots and if found will alert you that reboots are needed. If your new to Linux or need a more robust package management integration with your ConnectWise Automate system then LUM is for you.

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