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New Plugin Development -  App Genie

New Plugin Development - App Genie


The Plugins4Automate team is at it again and this time they have their sights set on resolving a long time requested Automate function. MSPs have been using our Chocolatey products for years and that's great but we are always asked the one question "Can I just update my applications". We would then start explaining all the features and power behind Chocolatey and how you could setup policies and application lists for each client, manage installs and removals, set options and so forth but before we finished the question would be popped "Can I just update my applications already installed?"

Well P4A has heard you loud and clear, we hope this new plugin will now answer that age old question, "Can I just update my applications already installed?", Yes sir, yes you can!

App Genie is as simple as it gets. Once the plugin is installed you can use our predefined list, edit our list or make your own list of application associations and enable from your "Client console" workstations and/or server to allow updates on.

App Genie automates the entire process on application management. It will seek out enabled agents and reviews their installed softwares. If it finds a matching software is will setup the association and start updating the software as newer packages are available. 

Now a MSP can, in minutes, have thousands of agents managing the updates of hundreds of software titles. That's it nothing to deploy! Nothing to configure! No files to mess with, it just works...

App Genie is still in the cooker on slow simmer but should be plated and tabled for beta testing on or around the first of June. Just before the ITNation Explore conference.


Global App association management

App Genie Global Manager



Enable clients

Client Config

That's it...  Allow App Genie to do the rest!



For more information on this plugin and joining in on the beta please visit the App Genie Support Forum




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