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Plugin of the month - Chocolatey for Automate

Plugin of the month - Chocolatey for Automate

Last month, Plugins4Automate gave us Chocolatey For Labtech as the plugin of the month. This month we are saluting our emerging version three 3rd party application management for ConnectWise Automate.  Chocolatey For Automate is currently on special for a flat rate of $9.95 a month for unlimited agents on a single Automate host. This is 50% off the normal subscription price of $19.95 a month for unlimited agents. This price is valid until the end of the ITNation Explore conference in the middle of June 2019. Anyone purchasing a subscription before the end of show will continue to receive that price for the extent of their active subscription.

What's A Chocolatey Plugin?

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum ,but, for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using PowerShell as its' focus for delivering packages from the repositories to your computer. Chocolatey is like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind (there are differences and limitations). For those unfamiliar with APT/Debian, think about Chocolatey as a global silent installer for applications and tools. It can also do configuration tasks and anything that you can do with PowerShell. The power you hold with a tool like Chocolatey is only limited by your imagination! 

Chocolatey For Automate uses the Chocolatey framework and has built a Application Management tool for ConnectWise with it. This plugin allows the MSP to deploy, update and remove thousands of applications across their entire infrastructure. In just seconds deploy applications like Java, Chrome or Acrobat Reader across thousands of agents then maintain versioning of those applications as updates are made available and never skip a beat!

Chocolatey For Automate is a simpler to use and operate plugin that does not bogg the engineers down with a lot of extra options and controls to understand and operate. This version tries to bring Chocolatey to the MainStream!

As with all our paid plugins, We have no commitments or contracts so you can quit at anytime if you don't like or need the products seen here. So give it a try, might be the best solution yet!


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