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Patch Remedy adds new updates

Patch Remedy adds new updates

As of Patch Remedy Plugins4Automate has added some new improvements to the Windows 10 Upgrade services and the latest round of WUA updates from April 2018 now get deployed.

Let's talk about the new feature added to the Windows 10 upgrade services first. 


In Patch Remedy you have a new checkbox option you can enable. "Elect to copy ISO locally to agent" which tells the installer service to copy the ISO from the network share to the local agents (C) drive before mounting it to extract the files needed to install the updates. We have found through user testing that during large deployments that you may see a location that agents start to have issues using robocopy to copying files from the network if network is slow or many agents tring to grab ISO. This should help resolve some of those kinds of issues.

Patch Remedy now pushes the April 2018 Rollups for all currently supported OS versions. Make sure you get updated and show that your Patch Remedy Maintenance script is at version to get the latest Windows updates from Microsoft.


For Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 We are pushing   KB4093118

For Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 We are pushing      KB4093114

For Windows 10 - 1709 We are pushing                        KB4093105

For Windows 10 - 1703 We are pushing                        KB4093117

For Windows 10 - 1607 We are pushing                        KB4093120

For Windows 10  - 1511 We are pushing                       KB4093109

Patch Remedy for Automate will auto update to this latest version over the weekend of April 28. Look for your new controls upon this next update.


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