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Patch Remedy Schedules Windows 10 Upgrades

Upgrading Windows 10 versions

Patch Remedy Schedules Windows 10 Upgrades

Plugins4Automate released Patch Remedy last night to the auto updater. All Patch Remedy subscribers are waking up this morning with new functions and features available for them to deploy Windows 10 Upgrades.

Patch Remedy now supports scheduling of Windows 10 upgrades! You can set a day and a time that you want upgrades to be performed and Patch Remedy will execute the upgrades at the scheduled time.

Windows 10 upgrade scheduler

Patch Remedy now gives you the ability to control what Windows 10 build you want to push out to your agents. You will no longer need to wait for Patch Remedy to be updated to support the next Windows 10 release. Just plug in the build number you want all agents to install to and away Patch Remedy goes. When the next Windows 10 build is released just update your build number to that number and replace your ISO files. You will be upgrading Windows 10 in minutes.

Windows 10 upgrade configurations



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