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Time To Automate Some Chocolate

Time To Automate Some Chocolate

Updating Adobe, Java and Flash Daily?

When you have 4986 community maintained packages available to choose from, it's seems to be a win-win for ConnectWise Automate users. Chocolatey is designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. Plugins4Automate's Chocolatey plugin allows a MSP to deploy the framework and manage application deployments across all clients under their management.



Plugins4Automate is making it easier to get started with Chocolatey, with a new plugin pricing model that is sure to add value to your MSP. Come visit Chocolatey For LabTech for huge discounts on subscriptions for the Chocolatey application manager plugin.  With Chocolatey for Labtech all MSPs can afford to deliver first class application management without breaking the bank. See what Chocolatey For LabTech can do for your MSP.




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