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Latest CCleaner For Automate plugin makes it to the Connectwise Solutions Center

Latest CCleaner For Automate plugin makes it to the Connectwise Solutions Center

This last week Plugins4Automate has successfully worked with the ConnectWise Solutions team to bring you the latest build of our popular CCleaner for Automate Plugin.

Some of the new features include updated charting using DevExpress integrations, new and improved license management and a ton of updates. Our latest build is working to help tackle the latest round of issues with Microsoft's UAC. With improved control over mass management of CCleaner Business Edition and all the free analyzing you get just for trying out the plugin, makes the CCleaner for Automate plugin a excellent value. 

There is more to managing your CCleaner deployments then just automating a cleaning. Charting that data in mass over time so that your able to see trends in your clients and across all your agents provides great value.


Easy to use License manager lets you see the big picture and quickly manage any agent.

Our plugin allows you to set your cleaning policies at 3 different levels, globally, at the client and at the agent. This level of granularity provides you with the most available options for managing cleanings across a mass of agents and clients.


This is how Plugins4Automate

Empowers the Global Management of CCleaner!

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