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Plugin Of The Month - Patch Remedy For Automate

Plugin Of The Month - Patch Remedy For Automate

Our Plugin Of The Month for October 2018 is Patch Remedy.

Patch Remedy  monitors and updates the WUA services for all current versions of Windows. Without an updated and functional WUA your Windows patching will inaccurately tell you that your managed systems are up to date and this will affect Automate's ability to keep systems fully patched. We now automate the update of Windows 10 systems as part of our WUA maintenance services. Keep your Windows 10 deployments current and on the latest stable builds from Microsoft using Patch Remedy.



Take control of Windows 10 Version upgrades with Patch Remedy!


Patch Remedy also data mines the Automate database for patching information stored there. We bring this data out in the form of different views and tabs that allow the MSP to see deeper into the patching processes Automate is doing and where issues maybe showing their faces.

If you need patching assistance in Connectwise Automate then you want Patch Remedy.

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