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New VMWare ESXi Hardware Health Monitor 5.0

Monitor VMware ESX Host

New VMWare ESXi Hardware Health Monitor 5.0

VMware, being one of the most popular virtual environment provider, enables businesses at all scales to setup virtual machines and servers. Although such contemporary hybrid networks offer a deluge of benefits, they can be quite a handful when it comes to managing them from remote. 

MSP that utilize ConnectWise Automate can gain real benefit from monitoring the underlying hardware statuses of each of their clients that use VMWare ESXi. Keep on top of the power systems and storage statuses and be the first to react when hardware goes south.

Plugins4Automate has been busy upgrading their VMware ESXi Health Monitor plugin. In the new build releases 5.0.0.X the plugin has upgraded from the original Python 2.7 to Python 3.9 and this has caused a complete rewrite of the probe. 

Get quick deployments of the probes framework and fast transmission of data to ConnectWise Automate. The plugin now auto updates as we put out new features and fix issues we find. With all the new features will make this update well accepted.

See how VMWare Hardware Health Monitor can make managed services more manageable.

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