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MSP! - Keep Client Data Safe At Home With Office365 for Automate

MSP! - Keep Client Data Safe At Home With Office365 for Automate 's team has been hard at work on Office365 For Automate since it's first release back at the end of September. We are lucky to have several Automate MSPs in the US and out of country that have been working with us to improve the Office365 for Automate plugin for ConnectWise Automate.

Along with all the updates, we had a little time to start thinking towards the future of Office365 and how it has evolved from a hosted exchange service to a full compliment of user and application management services. Microsoft Online Services has become a integral part of a companies infrastructure and needs to be managed in the same way we would manage the clients own platforms.

This is why we believe that making Office365 a part of ConnectWise Automate is in the best interest of the MSP. Keep the passwords, configurations and data inhouse and safe from outward influences. Web service providers have access to your clients data, passwords and any statistical data they want to derive from your clients actives and you pay them for the pleasure. Use this data in your Automate scripts, searches, monitors and ticketing then bring that home to rest in your environment and keep your clients actives private with Office365 For Automate

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have been working to improve what we are doing now,  we are also starting to add new features and functions to Office365 For Automate. The latest features to appear in the plugin is our Roles and Devices controls. This control group allows you to manage the different administrative roles users are a part of and view the roles each user is assigned. MSPs can manage the devices registered for licensing in Office365, enable, disable or remove devices from service with just a click.

We are adding new functionality to this plugin weekly, working with MSPs to provide the tools they need to `make managed services more manageable`.

Get Office365 For Automate now for just $29.95 a month subscription and lock in that price for the life of the subscription. That's a $1 a day to support every Office365 client under your management. 


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