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Plugin Of The Month - CCleaner For Automate

CCleaner for Automate clean up drive storage remove passwords from cache

Plugin Of The Month - CCleaner For Automate

Plugins4Automate plugin of the month for February 2019 is CCleaner For Automate plugin version 1.0.4 . In cooperation with Piriform and ConnectWise, we are happy to provide a plugin that is useful to all MSPs using ConnectWise Automate RMM platforms. We feel it adds great potential to storage and security management within ConnectWise Automate, while bringing value to the ConnectWise Automate community in the form of FREE robust plugins and applications. 

CCleaner a security tool? Absolutely, CCleaner is a great security tool to assist in maintaining password policies across the client and reducing the exposed footprint of the end users. There is software available widely on the Internet that can scan a Windows system and pull out all the cached usernames and passwords decrypted. This tool represents just how easy it is to get to this data and if you can get it, anyone can get it. CCleaner for Automate can help prevent this data from reaching the wrong hands.  

CCleaner For Automate is adding value to MSPs everywhere with its new list of features and free functionality. CCleaner Business Edition coupled with CCleaner for Automate now automates the analyzing and reporting of all your ConnectWise Automate  agents at no cost. Purchase a license from your ConnectWise Automate Sales team to add the ability to clean and report on agent status for a nominal fee. 

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