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Plugin Of The Month - Announce Maintenance

Connectwise Automate improve connectwise patching let people know patching is going to take place

Plugin Of The Month - Announce Maintenance

Plugins4Automate's plugin of the month goes to Announce Maintenance

Do You Feel Your Clucking Like A Chicken?

Do you have to remind your clients users to keep their systems on for maintenance and patching cycles each week? Yes me too, It seems I have to remind them every week before they go home. Do you know how many hours on the phone that would be if I had to call each of my users to whisper “Hey, Don’t forget to leave your computers on!”  Well you don't have to with the Announce Maintenance Pluginit can do it for you. Connecting with your end users before maintenance cycles improves density and with a simple reminder at the end of the workday to desktop users can pay off with improved patching coverage across your MSP.

This is a great little plugin and its free to use so create an account, download it and give it a try!


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