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Stalled Agents Plugin Now Checks ScreenConnect Server Agents

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Stalled Agents Plugin Now Checks ScreenConnect Server Agents


Plugins4LabTech has released build 1.0.8 of their Stalled Agents Detector Plugin today!

The development team has been working on improving the features of this great little plugin. They now have added support for monitoring the ScreenConnect server and displaying the ScreenConnect agents not checking into the ScreenConnect server.

What good is having the knowledge if you can not directly act on that knowledge? Our engineers thought the same way so they build in a tool to reset the service defaults and restart the ScreenConnect Client services. This allows you to quickly get ScreenConnect agents checking back in allowing your remote control sessions to continue unobstructed.


ScreenConnect Agents Offline


You may also notice we have placed each agent detector in it's own tabs in version 1.0.8.This allows you to have wider views in larger applications and for our engineers and developers to add new detectors as the need arises. Did I mention we support Mac Agent Restarts?

Stalled agents tab view

Visit your account for links to updated packages or visit forums for plugin updates.


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