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Featured Plugins

Featured Plugins

Our featured plugins marks our best of breed for ConnectWise Automate integrations. These tools are some of our most popular additions to ConnectWise Automate.

Client Report Data Patch Remedy for ConnectWise Automate

Patch Remedy For ConnectWise Automate


Automate Package Manager


Clientview by Main Agent Menu Chocolatey Tool for Automation

Chocolatey For Automate Agent License (Unlimited Agents)


Habitat Dashboard Habitat Toolbox

Habitat for ConnectWise Automate


Bitlocker for Connectwise Automate

BitLocker For ConnectWise Automate (Monthly Subscription)


Client Graphs SurfLog Monitor Web Surfing

SurfLog For ConnectWise Automate (Monthly Subscription)


Linux Update Manager Computer Console APT Screen Linux Update Manager

Linux Update Manager


VMWare ESX Health Monitor VMWare ESX Hardware Health Monitor

VMWare ESX Health Monitor License


PF Sense Manager Device Dashboard Netgate PF Sense Manager for Connectwise Automate

PFSense Manager


Client Console View Windows Defender Manager

Defender For Automate (Monthly Subscription)


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Set your hostname screen

Is your Automate Hostname Filled Out?

Before purchasing any subscriptions you should verify your account settings for your Automate hostname. The hostname is used to validate licenses and without it you will show expired after purchase.


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